Monday, 16 April 2012

New Mindsets.

New Mindsets is an up and coming website that lets users mix and match classes to make the perfect course for themselves. I had the privilege of trying to come up with unique graphic elements that could be used within the website to enhance the experience of visiting the site. I began by brainstorming and drawing up thumbnails. From there I was able to collaborate with fellow designers, and we came up with a concept that we thought was simple yet interesting. The idea is a circle that evolves and changes as it rolls and picks up objects along the way. Here is my take on the concept, in the form of a storyboard:

The character that I developed in my storyboard also acts as a logo for the New Mindsets company and website. Here is a closer view of my logo:

I also wanted to mock up some potential items that New Mindsets would use. Below are some samples of what the website would look like, as well as what the business card and letterhead would look like. 

Website Sample

Letterhead Sample

Business Card [Front]

Business Card [Back]

I think these designs and creative and fun, as well as very eye-catching. It was a interesting project to work on, as I have never had to think of creating graphics that would potentially be using motion. It was a great way to learn about some new ideas and skills that can be used in the graphic designing business. 

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